The Inventions of the Orgone Generator® and of Orgonite®
by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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Orgone Generators®: Energy for Body and Mind

Welcome to this exciting and very powerful new technology:  I am talking about the technology of life energy generators, or orgone generators, which I invented in 1991.  In fact, with this technology of actually generating orgone energy with technical equipment instead of just directing or accumulating it, we are at the beginning of a new era in human history.  This is so, because there is virtually no technology of humankind to which the addition of orgone energy technology cannot bring a significant improvement.

I became aware of this fact when examining the scientific characteristics of life force (orgone) and how it relates to and interacts with the other form of energy of which we humans are aware: with the space that is defined by electromagnetic frequencies.

With an orgone generator®, you can have now access to an unlimited supply of orgone energy, and you can use it for your benefit and for the benefit of others:  other human beings in particular and living beings in general. 

This is so, because by now you can super charge your body with energy.  Therefore, with this exciting new technology, it is now significantly easier for you to enhance your physical being, your well-being, and, closely connected with it, your mind.  In other words:  orgone energy technology enhances your body as well as your mind, and it can be very helpful to you, because it provides you with massive amounts of orgone.  And among other advantages that you are gaining with this energy, you can use it for weight management, which quite often is weight loss, you can use it in effective fitness training, in body building and you have abundant energy available that will result in performance enhancement in sports.  

In the latter applications, I am talking about sports performance and body building, the orgone energy, which you generate with your generator and which you can transfer to yourself at any distance, operates very much like an energetic steroid that does not have at all the disadvantages of such a drug.  Naturally, orgone energy is safe and, of course, it is perfectly legal and, most importantly, it defies detection of any kind.

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Life Energy (= Orgone) and the Mind  (See Video)

Another very important advantage of having an unlimited supply of orgone energy is that you can achieve more effective and more powerful mental skills.  This is so, because when your physical being, your body, is loaded with orgone energy, you experience balance all around and naturally you can gain a significant increase of well-being, and this in turn can have a decisive positive impact upon your mind.  This means no more and no less that by now you can supercharge your self-confidence, which then increases an overall positive attitude.  As a natural consequence, all these improved mental skills, such as increased creativity, a more powerful intuition and a sharper intellect, can help you decisively when it comes to achieve manifestation of your desires.  Most importantly, these skills help you when you are in situations, in which you need to make positive decisions that can lead you then towards a reliable and continuous path to overall happiness and success and to positive permanent change.


Orgone = Life Energy for Water  (See Video)

A very important aspect of your generator of orgone energy is that by now you can optimize water and super-charge it with life energy.  The easiest way of achieving this is to put a container with water onto an orgone generator of life energy such as the AO 1100 or onto a structural link.  The fantastic taste of water after you have it optimized and super-charged with life energy speaks volumes and you can get direct evidence of this fact when performing the FREE test (in fact, you can put a structural link on your mobile phone) with life energy that we are offering on our web sites.  This same method of optimizing and super charging you can apply as well to food, to drinks and to supplements. 

As you know by now, one of the functions of orgone energy is to increase the energy in a living body and to balance it.  In fact, with supercharged water you can achieve an indirect transfer to living beings and to yourself.

Very important for you is to know that you can direct this orgone energy to plants, to animals, to other human beings and, of course, to yourself, no matter how far away you or any other target are from your generator.  You can do this with ease when using structural connections, or structural links.  This is a fact, which people in many cultures such as in India and China, Africa, etc., knew thousands of years ago.  In fact, there is ample evidence that life energy has been used by humans since the dawn of their existence and that these human beings have been well aware of this fact.  I am going to talk about these applications of life energy (orgone) later, when I am going to introduce you to its history. 

With the generator of orgone energy, which I invented in 1991, humans can have now an unlimited supply of this energy for the first time in their history.

My web sites and my DVD’s will introduce you to the many uses of the generators of life energy = orgone, to a scientific explanation of orgone energy and how you can use this energy of life for the benefit of yourself and of other living beings.


Life Energy (Orgone) Throughout History - Introduction  (See Video)

Before I am going to introduce you into some of the brand new applications of life energy that are available to you by now as a result of the new technology of generating orgone energy, I am going to explain how this energy has been used throughout human history.  I am going to tell you what we know of life energy in our time, and also a brief history of the more recent scientific approach to this extremely important energy factor of human life and of human interaction with the environment.

Now let’s start out with the earliest beginnings of the use of life energy, or Orgone.

As the name implies, life energy is the energy of life, i.e., the energy, which we can notice as being accumulated in massive amounts especially in living organisms.  On the other hand, life energy (orgone) is a universal energy.  This means no more and no less that that there is virtually no space, no object in space, where we would not find this energy and observe its effects. 

In many of the ancient human cultures, there have been people who were well aware of this fact.  They felt life energy, they used it in many ways, and they needed no “scientific proof.”  This is so, because they had direct evidence and because they saw it working over and over again. 

I like to compare this to the use of fire.  Ancient folks had no idea of oxygen and of the chemical principles of combustion and, of course, they had no science explaining that.  They had the evidence that they could warm up their dwellings and make their food more palatable.  That’s all they needed.  Back then, some people wanted to explain the “why and how” of fire, and they relegated these explanations to the field of mythology, and the same thing happened with life energy, of course.  As far as the use of fire is concerned, think of the story of Prometheus in Greek mythology!  He was the god who brought fire to the humans and he was punished by the gods for that.


Life Energy (Orgone) Throughout History –
shifting of mythological approaches (See Video)

Now let’s explore academic sciences and their relation to mythological approaches. 

As I mentioned before, widespread use of life energy, chi, orgone, mana, animal magnetism, personal magnetism or prana has existed for as long as humankind roamed this planet.  Moreover, such uses almost always have been making use of the fact that orgone energy can directed with the human mind and that it can be transferred at a distance.  In fact, life energy can be transferred at any distance, no matter how far away the target of the operation may be.  Early humans simply knew of this fact, and this knowledge was based on their experiences with this orgone energy and the applications and technologies that they derived from this knowledge and their previous experiences.

What comes now may be a bit controversial to some persons at first.  This is the case, because, contrary to other technologies such as the use of fire and mechanics, the use of life energy has not been demystified yet completely as have been other technologies of humankind.  Such full demystification of life energy has not happened yet even in our otherwise thought-to-be so much enlightened times.  On the other hand, looking at the overwhelming amount of the unproven claims made by most of the academic physicists, astronomers, and other scientific professionals of our times, mythology of most technologies simply shifted from religious dogma into scientific dogma. Think of the big bong theory ... ooops!  I misspelled! ... The difference between the two mythologies is that scientific models have a long history of being outdated rather rapidly on the one hand and of leading to significant innovations, new insights and new technologies on the other, because of these continuous changes.  In brief, these academic models, or university-based mythologies, have a long history of success.

This somewhat controversial approach is needed, because I am telling you about these things the way they are rather than putting them into a straitjacket of pre-conceived mythology-based ethics and scientific mythologies of academia.  This way you can come now to a far better understanding of the processes involved in any type action at a distance, any distance, as this is possible with the help of life energy.  And with this basic insight, you can now gain direct evidence of the many aspects of life energy technology, or orgone technology, with ease.  Most importantly, as was the case with early humans, this evidence will be based on your own experiences that you are going to have first with the free tests that you are going to perform with this energy and then with your own generator of life energy, or orgone generator®.

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Life Energy Throughout History – 2 – pioneers of orgone technology (See Video)

Today’s situation concerning a more widely accepted approach to life energy technology is not unlike some of the problems that pioneers of sciences such as the transfer with electromagnetic signals had to experience in the past as a result of prejudices from the scientific as well as religious communities.  Marconi, the inventor of wireless signal transfer was at the brink of being put into the mental asylum – and he used a form of structural link to achieve results.  Much earlier than Marconi, Samuel Morse’s invention of the telegraph, where he used wires to transfer signals at a distance rather than the “thin air” of Marconi, was widely rejected at first by just about any monarch and industrialist with whom he discussed his invention.  Only the Russian Tsar had the foresight to build a telegraphic line.  Since the Russian church saw a threat to their authority if the tsar had better means of communication that they did, they mobilized mobs of the Russian population to tear down that “outcropping of ideas of the devil.”  We call this type attitude “vested interests” in our otherwise so "enlightened times."

To come closer to our times, think of the internet.  Some 50 years ago, anybody who may have dared to tell others about a reality of connecting with people directly at no cost across continents and getting masses of information at the click of a mouse or on a mobile phone, may have been considered a “crackpot.”  The old broadcasts of “beyond 2000” were basically all about cars and a couple of other technologies.  Nobody back then thought of the internet. 

Therefore let’s not forget, that most of these controversial things that have been practiced since the dawn of humankind, and of which I am going to speak in the following, are based on scientific principles, plain and simple.  I have demonstrated these principles and elaborated on them in my web site and courses.  These ancient methods are science that has been mythologized for a long time, for way too long, and they have been mythologized by people who either had a vested interest in doing so or who simply were not capable of developing a scientific model of action at a distance.  Think of what I said about the internet, about Samuel Morse and about Marconi.

Therefore, you can find out soon the following important fact:  When we are talking of action at a distance that is based on the transfer of life energy by means of structural links, we are dealing with science and I am going to show you the how and why in the following.  In addition to this, you will be able to perform a series of orgone tests that will provide you with direct evidence.  Such evidence is worth more than a thousand words.  In other words, such AAD is scientific, not mythological.  It is part of the basic principles of life energy (orgone energy), and it is based on a set of technologies that have been derived from these principles.  In fact, you are going to gain your own direct evidence first hand, when you are going to perform the transfer tests.


AAD is possible (See Video)

Yes, again I want to make it crystal clear:  By now we know that a scientific approach to life energy/orgone is possible.  In fact, such an approach is needed if we want the scope of life energy technologies to expand.  In addition to such new and path-breaking technologies, there is a very beneficial influence of life energy science upon other, already existing sciences.  Quite early in my research it became clear that what we call “matter” and other physical phenomena, macrocosmic all the way to sub-atomic, can be explained much better with the inclusion of life energy science.  This holds true especially when starting to explain some paradoxa in sub atomic physics, which become less “paradox” when life energy is part of the theory and its laws are considered.

Likewise, by now things that may have been considered “alternative” by many folks "of the past," can be explained now easily based on the natural laws that we observed and formulated as a result of our experiences and experiments with life energy. 

Of course there are quite a few vested interests, many of them based in universities, which are rejecting such heretic ideas, while some religious organizations show a lot more tolerance. 

This is a situation not unlike the one that happened in the past when all of a sudden there was proof that the Earth was not the center of all that there is.  The pope in fact accepted these ideas at first, until scientists of the universities who taught otherwise all along convinced the church to take a tough stand against Galilei’s scientific heresy.

As I pointed out earlier, there is a set of mythologies still in our times, which is based on official science and which, too, makes claims that are totally unproven, and on such claims and their perpetuation hinge the salaries, grants and social standing of huge masses of official scientists.  Typically, innovation there happens when the older generation dies off or retires.


Life Energy Throughout History - earliest uses of life energy (orgone energy) (See Video)

Now, let’s go to describe some of the earliest uses of life energy.

In fact, many of the earliest uses of orgone energy to achieve effects at a distance are connected with what we call shamanic practices.

Shamans knew of action at a distance and they used it.  This included their methods of effecting change in human organisms, quite often for healing purposes – and they knew that it worked, they had the experience, and therefore they needed no scientific proof or theories. 

In fact, many of them did not even have the concept of life energy, and they certainly did not need such a concept, not a theological one and much less a modern scientific one.  What they did worked well just like other technologies for which they did not know the type scientific explanations that many folks are expecting in our days.

On the other hand, just like people of our times, they too felt a need to explain such action, and following their human nature they mythologized their orgone technology in their attempt to explain that for which they had such ample experience and proof.

We can compare that to the mythologizing of the use of fire.  Here too, the shamans did not know of the role of oxygen in this process of generating heat by burning wood.  They did not need such scientific theories.  What counted is that they could use this technology and the fact that they could cook food that was more palatable afterwards and that they could generate warmth in their dwellings.  This direct experience and evidence was incentive enough to make use of this phenomenon no matter what.  Can you imagine a “skeptic” of those times telling the folks that the warmth they were experiencing is nothing but a placebo based on autosuggestion?  He may have been stoned - with actual stones!

No one in his or her right mind was standing next to a person who started lighting a fire and demanded proof, scientific proof, of fire before lighting it.  For the same reason of direct evidence, nobody demanded scientific proof of action at a distance with the methods of life energy technology, a technology that existed already back in those times.  They used the methods that they discovered quite often as a result of coincidence, as a result of speculation and as a result of methods of trial and error, and the achieved results were evidence enough for them to re-use the same methods.  That’s a behavioral characteristic not only of humans (pending on their sanity), but also of animals, including lab rats.

Almost in all cultures, shamans went through some training so that they would open up to specific “powers” that they could use and for which they had their explanations.  In most cases these explanations were based on some kind of mythological mapping, or set of explanations.  Since such a mapping was a good explanation for them, it was perceived as some type of reality.  Later, when priestly bureaucracies evolved, these bureaucrats had a vested interest in rigidifying these mappings.  This was so, because teaching rigidified mythologies was one of the sources of their incomes.  We are full circle back to the Earth not being the center of the universe any more and to modern scientific establishments, which too are based on a set of mythology-based and un-proven assumptions (such as big bong theory), as pointed out already earlier.

Soon you will find out that these skills do not need to be explained by mythology any more in our days, and likewise do they not need to be explained within the context of so-called “metaphysical concepts” such as “higher planes, inner planes, morphogenetic fields” and the like. 

In fact, I have developed a set of scientific principles, very simple scientific principles indeed, of life energy, or orgone, and these scientific principles not only allow us to explain such phenomena with ease, but they also connect these phenomena with the space of electromagnetic frequencies, which is the main mapping of modern physics.  Furthermore, I am going to show you that we can develop experiences from such explanations, that we can develop new technologies and conduct controlled experiments.  I am going to show that this type mapping, or scientific explanation leads not only effortlessly to new technologies, but also to new basic facts.  My criteria for a good theory, or mapping, are that it should be kept simple and that it should be useful.


Life energy (prana, chi, mana, etc ...) throughout history - China and India  (See Video)

Now to more traditional methods, of which we have written documentatiom

More complex traditional methods of the use of life energy, again with methods of action at a distance, evolved in many cultures.  In part these methods soon were rooted in the emerging bureaucracies of these cultures and again these methods naturally were connected with mythological principles, and the mythologies as well took the shape of the bureaucracies of these cultures, which, as usual, rigidified the explanations into religious dogmata. 

I am talking about methods of yoga in India and methods using Chi energy in China.  In India, the word for life energy was Prana.  In China, life energy was called Chi.  In both traditions, the flow of life energy is directed by the mind.  In our theory, I am going to explain to you how the mind itself is an optimal tool to establish structural links, and this explains not only many methods of transfer of life energy at a distance, but also the control of the flow of life energy as practiced by followers of these ancient traditions, and this flow of life energy inside the body indeed is functionally similar to the transfer of life energy at any distance.

In many traditions, such use of life energy was widely accepted, as long as it was practiced within the mythological framework of established religious-socio-economic structures, which usually were structures of socio-economic-sexual suppression and control. 

Whenever any person tried to practice applications of life energy individually without adhering to the rules and regulations of mythology-based group structures, he or she asked for big trouble.  A similar thing is widespread in our days, with the exception that nowadays we have to deal with two groupings of mythologies:  the mythologies of religious establishments who are in control and the other type of mythology, academic science, which is based on mythological sets of assumptions proffered by scientific sectarianism of all kinds.  A good example of such a mythology-based assumption is the ludicrous and unproven claim that the laws of physics are the same throughout the universe, from which claim a host of additional myths are deducted, which then are presented as “scientific truths.”  Actually humans barely left the stratosphere of their planet.  (astro-naut means traveler to the stars – for the folks leaving our planet on top of a large fire cracker, the word called stratosphere-scratchers may fit more appropriately!)

In either case scenario, the leaders and pawns of the existing powers jealously guard their positions and irrationally and/or rationally try to counteract everything that may threaten their positions.  In academic fields, the result of this attitude is the fact that significant innovations quite often take place only then when the older generation retires or dies out.

To sum it all up:  life energy technology has been used widely and consciously for the benefit of humankind possibly for as long as humankind has been roaming this planet.  Like other technologies such as fire, agriculture and the making of metal, life energy technology became part of mythology in practically all cultures of which we know.  Contrary to the establishing of scientific principles governing chemistry, physics, mechanics and many other sciences, life energy remained in its position of collective mythology much longer, and only in the recent past scientific approaches to this form of energy evolved.

As is the case with the “academic approach” to sciences, here too already science-based mythologizing of life energy has been established by groups who are unwilling to give up their cherished positions as “guardians or gurus of this new science of life energy.”  I am talking about Reichian epigones, who certainly did not like the fact that I dared to invent a generator of life energy, which made their orgone accumulators, orgone blankets and orgone shooters hopelessly obsolete.   



The scientific  approach to life energy:  Franz Anton Mesmer (See Video)

More recent scientific approaches of life energy evolved more than 200 years ago starting with Franz Anton Mesmer, later von Reichenbach and Korschelt

The first person in Western civilization of whom we know that he took a serious scientific approach to the well-known phenomena and technologies of life energy was Franz Anton Mesmer.  He called life energy “animal magnetism,” because he recognized correctly that he had to do with the same energy that makes human and animal life possible.  He also noticed some connection between life energy and magnetism.  Franz Anton Mesmer developed technologies, which were based on his insights about life energy. 

Well-known are his oaken barrels that he filled with iron filings.  These barrels, in fact, were the first accumulators of life energy of which we know.  Like the orgone accumulators that Wilhelm Reich built some 150 years after Mesmer, these barrels, drew life energy from the surroundings.  His patients sat around these oaken barrels holding in their hands the ends of metal rods, the other ends of which were submerged into the iron filings inside the barrels.  This way his patients drew the energy from the life energy accumulator into their bodies.  Most people relaxed, some fell into a trance, and a few had convulsions as their reaction to the influx of life energy.  These latter reactions were widely published, of course. 

Another method that Mesmer derived from his knowledge of life energy was his technique of “magnetizing the body of a person.”  This magnetizing consisted of moving the hands a couple of inches above the body of a person.  Mesmer thought that the “magnetiseur” – the magnetizer - transferred some of his own life energy to the person whom he or she treated.  Typically, many people who were treated this way entered a hypnotic trance.  They got stronger energetically and many of them got healed.  This happened as a result of them naturally relaxing while treated, and this effect was the reason why Mesmer is considered to be one of the pioneers of hypnosis still in our times.  Nowadays there are well over 20,000 alternative healers in France, who are using Mesmer’s methods.  As I mentioned before, Mesmer called the energy that he discovered – or re-discovered for his purposes, “animal magnetism,” and in our days it is called “personal magnetism” by the healers who are using Mesmer’s methods of “magnetizing” the body of the patients.  When I analyzed Mesmer’s method of “magnetizing” another person, based on my own knowledge about life energy, I became aware that with this method life energy was not transferred, it was actually generated, and I had this insight almost immediately after my invention of the generator of life energy back in 1991. 


The scientific  approach to life energy:  Karl von Reichenbach (See Video)

Baron Karl von Reichenbach explored the functions of life energy a couple of decades after Mesmer.  He did not develop accumulators of life energy and, in fact, he rejected Mesmer’s invention without ever testing it.  This certainly is something that sounds very familiar to me personally.  Von Reichenbach, who created the name “od” for life energy, had it  observed in double-blind experimental arrangements.  Consequently he was capable of describing many functions of life energy.  Von Reichenbach became quite famous as a result of inventing new methods of steel manufacturing.  In addition to that, his chemical inventions such as creosote and formaldehyde were widely accepted.  Naturally he was not this lucky with his innovative approach to life energy, even though he used modern methods of experimentation and observation when working with his well over 120 test persons.

An interesting accumulator of life energy was built by Korschelt about 100 years later, in 1897.  He called it a “Solar ether radiation apparatus."  Its effects were similar to orgone accumulators.  I built one myself years ago.  These devices have a very low presence of organic materials and they are rather large, which apparently is making up for this lack of organic materials.  Considering their typical pipe-like shape, these devices were sort of understood as antennas of life energy, from which a person can pull the energy from the surroundings.  To the sophisticated orgone accumulators built by Mesmer and Reich, this device compared in a similar way as orgone accumulators of our days compare to my orgone generators.  If a person can feel life energy or “Solar ether,” as Korschelt called it, this does not mean that the product is a generator of life energy:  The same mistake is perpetrated nowadays by some copycats of my inventions, when they mistakenly think that simple blobs of orgonite are generators of life energy.  Sort of compares to assuming a car battery is an alternator, because electricity can be drawn from it.


The scientific  approach to life energy:  Wilhelm Reich (See Video)

Wilhelm Reich, who lived some 150 years after Mesmer, brought the science of life energy to new heights.  In fact, he became aware of its characteristic of reversed entropy, where the stronger system draws from the weaker one.  Reich was not aware of structural linkage, which I discovered some 35 years after Reich had passed.  In fact, this characteristic of life energy, i.e., full-powered transfer at any distance via structural link, was the consequence of my training and experience in fields, of which past pioneers of life energy technology were not aware they existed or they had misconceptions about them.  Wilhelm Reich used the word “orgone” for life energy, and he called the devices that he built orgone accumulators.  His orgone accumulators had the outer layer made of organic materials – he used a material that was made of wooden fibers, Celotex, for this purpose.  The next layer was metallic, i.e., metal sheets or steel wool, which was followed by organic material, and so on.  The innermost layer then was metallic.  His basic idea was that organic matter attracts and holds life energy, or orgone energy; while metallic matter attracts and immediately rejects life energy.  Based on this insight, he designed his accumulators.  Being an MD, like Mesmer, he used life energy for healing.  Having studied hypnosis during his studies with Sigmund Freud, of which he was a disciple, he certainly knew about Mesmer, since literally every book on hypnosis that has been written at his time and in the location of his study (Austria) mentioned Mesmer as one of the great pioneers of hypnosis together with detailed accounts of his work and technology.

The reaction to the Reichian scientific heresy was similar to the reaction that the powers that be always had with innovation.   It was rejected and Wilhelm Reich eventually died in prison.  He ended up there for illegally transporting one of his orgone accumulators across state lines.  He also promoted "work democracy" during the McCarthy area ... much worse than orgone.

Talking about the powers that be and going back a few centuries, Galileo was not just attacked by the church, but also by the scientists of his time who manned the universities and who were afraid of losing their acclaim if it ever turns out that the geocentric system and other things that they had taught to their students all along were no longer the absolute scientific truth.  The church, of course, was the institution that had the power to silence Galileo.

When Samuel Morse invented his telegraph, he was widely considered a crackpot.  Nobody wanted his signal transmission through wires, even though he had ample proof.  The Russian Tsar was the only monarch who had telegraph lines built, and soon afterwards the Russian church managed to mobilize mobs that destroyed them.

Marconi noticed interference of shifting magnetism in wires and, based on this, he succeeded in wireless transmission of signals.  He almost ended up in the insane asylum.

Thank the Good Lord that academic scientists and religious outfits of our very enlightened times have an open mind that is not influenced by any vested interests at all any more – or do they????    

Reich’s research truly has been extensive and in some ways comprehensive.

Following Reich’s footsteps, James Trevor Constable advanced the methods of constructing cloud busters, which were designed in the Reichian manner in principle, and which had additions to make them more effective.  Some ten years ago, I built cloud busting devices that can be carried in a coat pocket.

There is a relative large group of people who are continuing Reich’s work, and, like Wilhelm Reich, their main focus is medical.  Most of these Reichian epigones are connected with the orgonelab of James DeMeo, which is situated in Oregon, and they certainly continued with new findings and ideas.  The books of Wilhelm Reich are available from the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine.


Addendum: Reichian Epigones and me (See Video)

The Reichian epigones from orgonelab have relatively little love lost for me, since I dared to invent a generator of life energy, and also, because at first I decided for a rather pragmatic and relatively safe approach to market my invention.  After all, under no circumstances did I want to suffer Reich’s fate.  In fact, during the first years of the existence of my company, there was some polemics going back and forth.  I was even asked if I wrote some scientific “paper” concerning my invention.  This crackpot question sounded to me similar as if Henry Ford had been asked to write a “paper” concerning his invention of the assembly line, so that some scientists in universities or other mythology-based institutions can decide – “in theory,” of course - whether it functions or not, before Ford could put it to work.  Had I written some “papers” about the orgone generators that I invented and about orgonite, had I wasted my time trying to prove some point to those rigid folks whose actions reminded me pretty much of actions of the good old inquisition that brought down Galileo, Bruno and others, very likely my invention would have been copied during the first few years rather than some 8 years after I started marketing it.   I am lucky that innovators are not burned on the stake any more, at least not physically.

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