The Inventions of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
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A few things about my own research
of pre-Chi-Generator® sciences

I did have some preconditions to get where I went.  When finding out about Reich, I was already well familiar with Mesmer and with von Reichenbach, since I studied hypnosis at the age of 16.  I had studied mathematics and nuclear physics while in graduate school, and as a result of my involvement with yoga, I was also well aware of some of the practices that back then still may have been considered to be “alternative” by the majority of people.  Of course, based on my own research, I can say one thing of such practices:  namely that they are entirely scientific, no matter how strange the application of some of the practical applications of such methods may appear to the average person of the past.  In fact, such applications are not much stranger than the use of energies of the electromagnetic spectrum to send signals at any distance on this planet and beyond still may have been perceived in the not so distant past, or the vast potential of the Internet may have been perceived still a couple of decades ago.  Think of Samuel Morse, think of Marconi!  During my stay in Berlin I studied and applied the methods of Mesmer, of which I had become aware much earlier, when studying hypnosis at the age of 16.  Later during this stay in Berlin, in 1973, I began study of the works of Wilhelm Reich.

After my arrival in the United States, September 12 1974, I built my first orgone accumulators following the design of Wilhelm Reich.  In fact, this orgone accumulator, which you are seeing here, is the first device of this kind that I have built …

Immediately after having built my first orgone accumulator, I performed experiments with plants:  rye grains that were a couple of years old.  I had excellent results!

Differences in sprouting and growth – these experiments were discontinued too early in some respect so that I did not get the idea of a couple of problems that have been solved meanwhile.  Yet the evidence was clear cut, and I was very happy and energized with the results.

Later I worked on animals and I did some experiments on myself, especially in the field of supplying myself with life energy.

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