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The scientific  approach to life energy: 
Karl von Reichenbach, Korschelt

Baron Karl von Reichenbach explored the functions of life energy a couple of decades after Mesmer.  He did not develop accumulators of life energy and, in fact, he rejected Mesmer’s invention without ever testing it.  This certainly is something that sounds very familiar to me personally.  Von Reichenbach, who created the name “od” for life energy, had it  observed in double-blind experimental arrangements.  Consequently he was capable of describing many functions of life energy.  Von Reichenbach became quite famous as a result of inventing new methods of steel manufacturing.  In addition to that, his chemical inventions such as creosote and formaldehyde were widely accepted.  Naturally he was not this lucky with his innovative approach to life energy, even though he used modern methods of experimentation and observation when working with his well over 120 test persons.

An interesting accumulator of life energy was built by Korschelt about 100 years later, in 1897.  He called it a “Solar ether radiation apparatus.  Its effects were similar to orgone accumulators.  I built one myself years ago.  These devices have a very low presence of organic materials and they are rather large, which apparently is making up for this lack of organic materials.  Considering their typical pipe-like shape, these devices apparently as an antenna of life energy, from which a person can pull the energy from the surroundings.  To the sophisticated orgone accumulators built by Mesmer and Reich, this device compared in a similar way as orgone accumulators of our days compare to my orgone generators.  If a person can feel life energy or “Solar ether,” as Korschelt called it, this does not mean that the product is a generator of life energy:  The same mistake is perpetrated nowadays by some copycats of my inventions, when they mistakenly think that simple blobs of orgonite are generators of life energy.

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