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Reichian Epigones and new technology

The Reichian epigones from orgonelab have relatively little love lost for me, since I dared to invent a generator of life energy, and also, because at first I decided for a rather pragmatic and relatively safe approach to market my invention.  After all, under no circumstances did I want to suffer Reich’s fate.  In fact, during the first years of the existence of my company, there was some polemics going back and forth.  I was even asked if I wrote some scientific “paper” concerning my invention.  This crackpot question sounded to me similar as if Henry Ford had been asked to write a “paper” concerning his invention of the assembly line, so that some scientists in universities or other mythology-based institutions can decide – “in theory,” of course - whether it functions or not, before Ford could put it to work.  Had I written some “papers” about the orgone generators that I invented and about orgonite, had I wasted my time trying to prove some point to those rigid folks whose actions reminded me pretty much of actions of the good old inquisition that brought down Galileo, Bruno and others, very likely my invention would have been copied during the first few years rather than some 8 years after I started marketing it.   I am lucky that innovators are not burned on the stake any more, at least not physically.

In fact, I strongly recommend that you visit their web sites, where you can find extremely valuable information about orgone energy and its uses. Look at A great web site! I am not mad about their approach. In fact, if I had been "accepted" others may have said: "look at those quacks ... now they even accept some alternative stuff!"

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