The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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Life Energy and the Mind

Another very important advantage of having an unlimited supply of life energy is that you can achieve more effective and more powerful mental skills.  This is so, because when your physical being, your body, is loaded with life energy, you experience balance all around and naturally you can gain a significant increase of well-being, and this in turn can have a decisive positive impact upon your mind.  This means no more and no less that by now you can supercharge your self-confidence, which then increases an overall positive attitude.  As a natural consequence, all these improved mental skills, such as increased creativity, a more powerful intuition and a sharper intellect, can help you decisively when it comes to achieve manifestation of your desires.  Most importantly, these skills help you when you are in situations, in which you need to make positive decisions that can lead you then towards a reliable and continuous path to overall happiness and success and to positive permanent change.

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