The Inventions of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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The First Commercial
Life Energy Generators 
in Human History

Very soon after my path-breaking invention, I started selling Chi generators® that I built.  Below you see some of these first devices.

The first Chi Generators® on the market
The first Chi generator® on the market was the EPG 2000 - "Edge Power Generator," in 1992, at first with alternating layers of steel wool and fiber glass, 14 inches long, 5 inches diameter. 

Extensive testing confirmed that orgone that is pulsed in low frequencies (Alpha, Theta, Delta states, etc.) is considerably more effective to cause the corresponding brain wave states than any one of the now obsolete methods that use sound, light, or electric pulses.

Again History was made ...
in 1992, I invented a new orgone accumulating material, which I called orgonite®.  Orgonite® is significantly more effective than the traditional materials such as layers of steel wool and fiber glass or celotex, and it allowed the manufacture of very small life generators as well as of the more traditional "orgone accumulators."

This new material, orgonite®, allows to make powerful Chi generators® of very small size such as the Chi generators® of the JU series.  The first EPG 2000 orgone generator™® with orgonite® has been on the market since early 1993. Thousands of these devices have been sold all over the world to persons who decided to gain an edge in their various aspirations. Orgonite® led to the next development: the power boosters and transfer disks.
EPG 2000, 1973, already with a layer of orgonite covering the coils inside.
Left: PB 2000 one of the first power boosters, still with brass tubing.
Middle: PBTBH 2000 Power Booster with Transfer disk to enhance male potency (potency booster), also brass tubing.
Right: One of the early transfer couples.
Below: one of the earlier LPOG 2400 Precision Low Pulse Orgone Generators, 1997, with silver tubing.
A few more "historical" Devices
EPG 1100 ET - "Edge Power Generator" - Energy Transmitter (1995) one of the first devices with a Chi generator® that was made with orgonite® FPG 2400 - Frequency Generator (1994), one of the earlier exterior modules that doubled as a radionics device. For use with the "EPU" generators ("Edge Power Unit").  The inclusion of "radionics" was part of my rather pragmatic approach in building my company.
LPOM 2400 - Low Pulse Orgone Modlue Frequency Generator (1995), one of the earlier exterior modules for use with the "EPU" generators ("Edge Power Unit")

EPU 2200 HD - "Edge Power Unit 2200 Heavy Duty" Chi Generator® (1994), made with orgonite®. It was powered by an exterior module.

EPU 2400 DL - "Edge Power Unit 2400 DeLuxe" Middle of the Line Chi Generator® (1994), made with orgonite®, that had to be powered by an exterior module. RAD 3000 HD - Early radionics device (1995) with nine dials, 100 positions each, and three dials to set the pulse rate of the built-in orgone generator®.

An imporatnt step !!!
In 1997, I succeeded to send signals accross the Atlantic machine to machine, using life force and not electromagnetic frequencies.   True to the theories that he established earlier, amplifiers were not needed.  There is reason to assume that such transmission is direct, i.e., the "speed of light" is an irrelevant factor there.

This was another "first" in human history.

... and still More History was made ...
In 2002 I invented a water optimizer. This device not only puts water back into ints original state by removing the noxious information and enlivening it again, it also powers it up with life force. This revolutionary device opened a new dimension with to this point unknown potentials of water activation.

Presently I am working on several projects that will be as history making as the Chi generator®, orginite® and my theories of hyper space technologies.

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