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Life Energy Throughout History - Introduction  (See Video)

Before I am going to introduce you into some of the brand new applications of life energy that are available to you by now as a result of the new technology of generating life energy, I am going to explain how this energy has been used throughout human history.  I am going to tell you what we know of life energy in our time, and also a brief history of the more recent scientific approach to this extremely important energy factor of human life and of human interaction with the environment.

Now let’s start out with the earliest beginnings of the use of life energy.

As the name implies, life energy is the energy of life, i.e., the energy, which we can notice as being accumulated in massive amounts especially in living organisms.  On the other hand, life energy is a universal energy.  This means no more and no less that that there is virtually no space, no object in space, where we would not find this energy and observe its effects. 

In many of the ancient human cultures, there have been people who were well aware of this fact.  They felt life energy, they used it in many ways, and they needed no “scientific proof.”  This is so, because they had direct evidence and because they saw it working over and over again. 

I like to compare this to the use of fire.  Ancient folks had no idea of oxygen and of the chemical principles of combustion and, of course, they had no science explaining that.  They had the evidence that they could warm up their dwellings and make their food more palatable.  That’s all they needed.  Back then, some people wanted to explain the “why and how” of fire, and they relegated these explanations to the field of mythology, and the same thing happened with life energy, of course.  As far as the use of fire is concerned, think of the story of Prometheus in Greek mythology!  He was the god who brought fire to the humans and he was punished by the gods for that.

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