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Life Energy Throughout History –
shifting of mythological approaches

Now let’s explore academic sciences and their relation to mythological approaches. 

As I mentioned before, widespread use of life energy, chi, orgone, mana, animal magnetism, personal magnetism or prana has existed for as long as humankind roamed this planet.  Moreover, such uses almost always have been making use of the fact that life energy can directed with the human mind and that it can be transferred at a distance.  In fact, life energy can be transferred at any distance, no matter how far away the target of the operation may be.  Early humans simply knew of this fact, and this knowledge was based on their experiences with this energy and the applications and technologies that they derived from this knowledge and their previous experiences.

What comes now may be a bit controversial to some persons at first.  This is the case, because, contrary to other technologies such as the use of fire and mechanics, the use of life energy has not been demystified yet completely as have been other technologies of humankind.  Such full demystification of life energy has not happened yet even in our otherwise thought-to-be so much enlightened times.  On the other hand, looking at the overwhelming amount of the unproven claims made by most of the academic physicists, astronomers, and other scientific professionals of our times, mythology of most technologies simply shifted from religious dogma into scientific dogma.  The difference between the two mythologies is that scientific models have a long history of being outdated rather rapidly on the one hand and of leading to significant innovations, new insights and new technologies on the other, because of these continuous changes.  In brief, these academic models, or university-based mythologies, have a long history of success.

This somewhat controversial approach is needed, because I am telling you about these things the way they are rather than putting them into a straitjacket of pre-conceived mythology-based ethics and scientific mythologies of academia.  This way you can come now to a far better understanding of the processes involved in any type action at a distance, any distance, as this is possible with the help of life energy.  And with this basic insight, you can now gain direct evidence of the many aspects of life energy technology with ease.  Most importantly, as was the case with early humans, this evidence will be based on your own experiences that you are going to have first with the free tests that you are going to perform with this energy and then with your own generator of life energy, or Chi generator.

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