The Invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
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Life Energy for Water

A very important aspect of your generator of life energy is that by now you can optimize water and super-charge it with life energy.  The easiest way of achieving this is to put a container with water onto a generator of life energy such as the CE 60 or onto a structural link.  The fantastic taste of water after you have it optimized and super-charged with life energy speaks volumes and you can get direct evidence of this fact when performing the free test with life energy that we are offering on our web sites.  This same method of optimizing and super charging you can apply as well to food, to drinks and to supplements. 

As you know by now, one of the main functions of life energy is to increase the energy in a living body and to balance it.  In fact, with supercharged water you can achieve an indirect transfer to living beings and to yourself.

Very important for you is to know that you can direct this energy to plants, to animals, to other human beings and, of course, to yourself, no matter how far away you or any other target are from your generator.  You can do this with ease when using structural connections, or structural links.  This is a fact, which people in many cultures such as in India and China knew thousands of years ago.  In fact, there is ample evidence that life energy has been used by humans since the dawn of their existence and that these human beings have been well aware of this fact.  I am going to talk about these applications of life energy later, when I am going to introduce you to its history. 

With the generator of life energy, which I invented in 1991, humans can have now an unlimited supply of this energy for the first time in their history.

My web sites and my DVD’s will introduce you to the many uses of the generators of life energy, to a scientific explanation of life energy and how you can use this energy of life for the benefit of yourself and of other living beings.

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