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Life Energy Throughout History
Pioneers of Life Energy Technology and Sciences

Today’s situation concerning a more widely accepted approach to life energy technology is not unlike some of the problems that pioneers of sciences such as the transfer with electromagnetic signals had to experience in the past as a result of prejudices from the scientific as well as religious communities.  Marconi, the inventor of wireless signal transfer was at the brink of being put into the mental asylum – and he used a form of structural link to achieve results.  Much earlier than Marconi, Samuel Morse’s invention of the telegraph, where he used wires to transfer signals at a distance rather than the “thin air” of Marconi, was widely rejected at first by just about any monarch and industrialist with whom he discussed his invention.  Only the Russian Tsar had the foresight to build a telegraphic line.  Since the Russian church saw a threat to their authority if the tsar had better means of communication that they did, they mobilized mobs of the Russian population to tear down that “outcropping of ideas of the devil.”  We call this type attitude “vested interests” in our otherwise so enlightened times.

To come closer to our times, think of the internet.  Some 30 years ago, anybody who may have dared to tell others about a reality of connecting with people directly at no cost across continents and getting masses of information at the click of a mouse, may have been considered a “crackpot.”  The old broadcasts of “beyond 2000” were basically all about cars and a couple of other technologies.  Nobody back then thought of the internet. 

Therefore let’s not forget, that most of these controversial things that have been practiced since the dawn of humankind, and of which I am going to speak in the following, are based on scientific principles, plain and simple.  I have demonstrated these principles and elaborated on them in my web site and courses.  These ancient methods are science that has been mythologized for a long time, for way too long, and they have been mythologized by people who either had a vested interest in doing so or who simply were not capable of developing a scientific model of action at a distance.  Think of what I said about the internet, about Samuel Morse and about Marconi.

Therefore, you can find out soon the following important fact:  When we are talking of action at a distance that is based on the transfer of life energy by means of structural links, we are dealing with science and I am going to show you the how and why in the following.  In addition to this, you will be able to perform a series of tests that will provide you with direct evidence.  Such evidence is worth more than a thousand words.  In other words, such AAD is scientific, not mythological.  It is part of the basic principles of life energy, and it is based on a set of technologies that have been derived from these principles.  In fact, you are going to gain your own direct evidence first hand, when you are going to perform the transfer tests.

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