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Life Energy Throughout History
earliest uses of life energy

Now, let’s go to describe some of the earliest uses of life energy.

In fact, many of the earliest uses of life energy to achieve effects at a distance are connected with what we call shamanic practices.

Shamans knew of action at a distance and they used it.  This included their methods of effecting change in human organisms, quite often for healing purposes – and they knew that it worked, they had the experience, and therefore they needed no scientific proof or theories. 

In fact, many of them did not even have the concept of life energy, and they certainly did not need such a concept, not a theological one and much less a modern scientific one.  What they did, worked well just like other technologies for which they did not know the type scientific explanations that many folks are expecting in our days.

On the other hand, just like people of our times, they too felt a need to explain such action, and following their human nature they mythologized their technology in their attempt to explain that for which they had such ample experience and proof.

We can compare that to the mythologizing of the use of fire.  Here too, the shamans did not know of the role of oxygen in this process of generating heat by burning wood.  They did not need such scientific theories.  What counted is that they could use this technology and the fact that they could cook food that was then more palatable and that they could generate warmth in their dwellings.  This direct experience and evidence was incentive enough to make use of this phenomenon no matter what.  Can you imagine a “skeptic” of those times telling the folks that the warmth they were experiencing is nothing but a placebo based on autosuggestion?

No one in his or her right mind was standing next to a person who started lighting a fire and demanded proof, scientific proof, of fire before lighting it.  For the same reason of direct evidence, nobody demanded scientific proof of action at a distance with the methods of life energy technology, a technology that existed already back in those times.  They used the methods that they discovered quite often as a result of coincidence, as a result of speculation and as a result of methods of trial and error, and the achieved results were evidence enough for them to re-use the same methods.  That’s a behavioral characteristic not only of humans (pending on their sanity), but also of animals, including lab rats.

Almost in all cultures, shamans underwent some training so that they would open up to specific “powers” that they could use and for which they had explanations.  In most cases these explanations were based on some kind of mythological mapping, or set of explanations.  Since such a mapping was a good explanation for them, it was perceived as some type of reality.  Later, when priestly bureaucracies evolved, these bureaucrats had a vested interest in rigidifying these mappings.  This was so, because teaching rigidified mythologies was one of the sources of their incomes.  We are full circle back to the Earth not being the center of the universe any more and to modern scientific establishments, which too are based on a set of mythology-based and un-proven assumptions, as pointed out already earlier.

Soon you will find out that these skills do not need explained by mythology any more in our days, and likewise do they not need to be explained within the context of so-called “metaphysical concepts” such as “higher planes, inner planes, morphogenetic fields” and the like. 

In fact, I have developed a set of scientific principles, very simple scientific principles indeed, of life energy, and these scientific principles not only allow us to explain such phenomena with ease, but they also connect these phenomena with the space of electromagnetic frequencies, which is the main mapping of modern physics.  Furthermore, I am going to show you that we can develop experiences from such explanations, that we can develop new technologies and conduct controlled experiments.  I am going to show that this type mapping, or scientific explanation leads not only effortlessly to new technologies, but also to new basic facts.  My criteria for a good theory, or mapping, are that it should be kept simple and that it should be useful.

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